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Dive deep into the specifics of NFTs, understand the foundational and advanced aspects of blockchain, and master the art of market trend analysis
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Crypto Wars trading Simulator
Be prepared to become expert
Trading simulator
Real-time trading simulator which combines real-life cases and embeds charts based on trading patterns. Practise your skills and get tips. All in one place.
RPG Elements
Embedded role playing game elements based on your roadmap. Play with your character, empower your skills, Enroll into quests, join online trading combat and gain abilities !
Great Rewards
Participate in Crypto Wars and earn rewards based on your skills and performance. Climb up on Crypto Wars performance Leaderboard to get exclusive rewards.
Earn Great Rewards
Explore rewards
Upon successful completion of a course, you'll be able to receive up to 90% of your enrollment fee back
Crypto Wars
The top 10 performers in the Crypto Wars simulation game will be rewarded with utility tokens and exclusive badges
Contribute in the community to acquire unique badges and utility tokens
As you progress through different learning roadmaps, you'll earn NFT badges
If you'll become high achiever - you will be given access to exclusive webinars, talks and networking events
Become the top learner and get the chance to be mentored by experts in the field, providing personalized guidance
Early Access
Enroll as early adopter to get early access to new courses and features on the platform, keeping you ahead in the learning curve
Upon completion of a learning roadmap, you will be able to redeem a certificate. It serves as a formal recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired
Skillmatrix Goals

Each phase's strategically allocated to maximize the development and growth of Skillmatrix, ensuring a strong foundation and progressive expansion in the crypto education market.

2024 Q1 - DONE

MVP Creation

Development of the core web platform, content strategy and build a team


Educational Web3 platform

Token release and NFTs. High-quality educational RPG courses release

2024 Q3

Social platform & Rewards

Rewards system, FT DEX listing, learning scoreboard Social network MVP

2024 Q4

Crypto Wars

Crypto wars trading simulation game release

2025 Q1

Social network

Social network embedding with rewards, crypto wars and NFTs

2025 Q2

Marketing and platform Expansion

Marketing, improvements and viral growth strategizing

Frequently asked questions

We offer initial courses for free. Advanced courses needs to be bought as NFT. Users can also opt to receive certificates upon completing learning paths, which are issued for a fee as NFTs.

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